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An episode of The Physio Matters Podcast
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Dont forget to sign up for your TheBigRs ticket at reform. We launch the Health Matters Podcast! This first session contains great friend of the show Mike James the Endurance Physio, you will likely have seen him on some of our materials on facebook from the COPA Show. Mike discusses the MSK professions and it gets spicey as he and Jack debate the prominence of Physio in this space, if this is deserved and what can be done to improve the overall landscape of quality interprofessional collaboration.

Brilliant chat and loads to learn or reflect upon. Check Mike out across Social Media by searching Endurance Physio, he has a ton of great resources available. Also check out Sports Injury Fix as discussed in the Podcast. We are back with our second round of The Patient Matters Podcast. Welcoming back Adrian McGregor who was the star of not only a previous Physio Matters but also last years TheBigRs conference where he wowed everyone alongside our other patient voices. This session takes a delve into pain and mental health and is worth every second of your time to listen to! The full video is still available on Facebook which adds a lovely visual element to the mix.

This month we give Jack C. Anna is an absolute expert in this field lecturing on the subject but also with personal experience as an Endurance Athlete, her insight in this Podcast is absolutely invaluable. A must listen session regarding an important issue with take home messages much more wide reaching than just for this condition, some real clinical pearls from the outset. Excuse the slightly lengthy news section at the start, we are very busy and there is tons of content to update you on! If you like more and more content then head to chewshealth.

PhysioJack Send any and all longer form feedback to physiomatters chewshealth. Physio Natters 2. Jack and Jack talk TheBigRs program and answer your questions on any topic you like! Originally a livestream on facebook you can go watch our grinning faces there if you prefer. You asked: - What do you think about the name-badge surname thing on twitter? Dont forget to head to reform. Follow the team on TPMPodcast physiojack and jackachew Email us with any feedback, requests or ideas to physiomatters chewshealth.

Wall Iii The Paul Herrington Experience in | Neon signs

This is the first session of our brand new "The Patient Matters Podcast" where we bring you the stories of the most important people in healthcare. What better way to learn than through the experiences of those who have walked the walk. This month we have Sam Williams who takes us through his journey of chronic joint pain and Hypermobility Syndrome, he has seen a vast array of healthcare providers and his story is one all of us health care professionals can learn from. We are particularly keen to hear from any patients who tune in with whom this story might resonate.

Contact us with any feedback via our social media channels or email Physiomatters chewshealth. Cauda Equina Syndrome is a big deal. Its a big deal for anyone unfortunate enough to develop it. Its a big deal for Health Care Professionals who have to recognise it and manage people appropriately when it is suspected. It is a true medical emergency and litagation is a very real possibility if it is missed!

Locations where this product is available

Lucky for us Chris Mercer walks us through all aspects of this tricky syndrome, from anatomy to legality, what we know and what we dont. This is absolutely essential listening for any health care professional who sees patients. This is the bonus portion of session 64 where Rory and Maddy demonstrate Motivational Interview techniques on Jack himself!

This is an excellent accompaniment to the full record and really helps to bring Motivational Interviewing into focus and apply it clinically. Follow the team on twitter TPMPodcast rallott motivationalmad and jackachew. Thanks to the kickstarter campaign we can bring you timely reactions to the goings on in the world of Physio.

This month Jack and Felicity discuss the differences between good and bad referrals and how that can impact upon our appointments, then some of our ideas on why this might occur. Get in contact with us with your ideas on our shiny new email physiomatters chewshealth. This month we let Jack Chew back behind the microphone in the studio for this frankly brilliant interview. Maddy Nicholson and Rory Allott expertly take us through the utility and limitations of Motivational Interviewing with take home messages for every clinician that treats patients.

Look out for the bonus portion of this session where Rory and Maddy demonstrate Motivational Interview techniques on Jack himself! Out mid April.

This month's Physio Matters is wall to wall gold. Everyone's favourite interviewer, Felicity Thow, looks to put the rest of us out of a job by once again using her experiences at the Pain Cloud conference to select and grill a guest.

This time Neil O'Connell. Covering the perfections and pitfalls of evidence, Neil helps us to become better "consumers" of evidence. Something that as part of a science based profession we can never stop improving in! Look out for the chance to purchase TheBigRs conference tickets which are imminently on sale! The first 50 get a discount. Sign up to our newsletter here to get prewarned about the ticket sales going live.

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This month we are abe to bring you not just one guest but two!! Debs Stanton and Sarah Mee take us on a tour of assessment, differential diagnosis and management of all things Handy! Any pledge will be gratefully received!

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Follow us on Social Media tpmpodcast, physiojack, handphysiodebs and sarahmeehands. Bonus Episode - Kickstarter for with Jack Chew. We don't ask for very much very often but we do ask you listen to Jack for 2 minutes and then click on this link! This month to relaunch the podcast see pretty new logo! Listen right to the end for what has to be the best sign out EVER!

Pádraig Harrington

Follow the Team on twitter TPMPodcast, jackachew physiojack felicitythow rehabrich and georgetgoodwin. Session 56 — Just sleep on it! Discussing all things sleep, pain and health with Jason Silvernail. Session 54 — Influencing Change with Lesley Holdsworth.

Session 51 — Red Flags with Andrew Cuff. This course is suitable for students of mixed abilities. Garden inspired mosaics: 30 - 31 January Mosaic is a wonderfully versatile artistic medium.

Thomas G. Baker

Using a range of colours and materials, you can transform even very simple designs into beautiful mosaics for your home or garden. On this two-day course you will learn all the techniques needed to complete your own project under the expert eye of mosaic artist Anne Schwegmann-Fielding.

All the mosaic materials are provided and include glass and ceramic tiles, old china, buttons, mirror and other recycled materials.

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You can also choose to personalise your work with any old bits of broken crockery or jewellery that you can't bear to throw away - embed them into the mosaic and keep them forever!