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She makes a point to emphasize consent and mutual enjoyment.

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In a world where porn is the de facto sex education for any teenager with an internet connection, socially responsible producers have to think not only about what will get people off, but what people will learn. The Dreams of Spanking site includes tons of behind-the-scenes footage that shows what happens when someone calls cut which she encourages her performers to do if they need or want to , or how the scene really does stop when someone uses a safe word.

Can a feminist have rape fantasies? Topics Sex. Pornography Health Women features.

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  • He chuckles as his hand slips under, transgressing from the smoothness of nylon to the softness of bare skin. Stripping my ass of its last protection my head starts to swim.

    Spanking Bethie » Spanking Fantasy vs Spanking Reality

    I had and continue to have a fantasy to wear a dress and wig, and do mother-daughter role play with a Dom who takes me over her knee, flips up my dress and spanks me with a hairbrush. We've done this multiple times, each spanking being harder and longer; my behind is sore and bruised for up to a week.

    Ocassionally, she'll put me over one knee and give me hard whipping with a belt. Little different feeling than with a hairbrush but still effective. My ankles, wrist and waist are secured with straps to the structure very tightly I cannot move so. She walked around behind me and resumed fondling and rubbing my buns, "I love to see the male ass in this position, it's so sexy.

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    I hear the swishing as mistress flexes the cane several times through the air. When she stands to my left, I hear her raise the cane again and then the swish as it descended to impact across my presented buttocks. Being ask to remove all my clothes and then told to bend over and grab my ankles. The spanker would be a 40 plus women also completely naked and have me preform the same procedure on her. Mine is quite simple really all things considered. I want to be fully dressed in a room with others not expecting to be spanked and have Doc call me to the front of the room, make me drop my pants to my knees and bend over the table.

    Then I want him to spank me with his hands and a paddle perhaps. Then I want him to make me thank him.

    Since this is my maintenance spanking, my wife asks if I've been good this week or if I've broken any rules that we agreed are punishable. Per our custom, my jeans fall atop my bare feet and I push the waistband of my shorts half way above my knees.

    She warms my bottom and activates my hormones until I feel pumped--afterward I remember that this is a great way to start the weekend! Today the smacks got harder and I got a few extra After she handcuffs her wrists behind her knees, I stroke her pearly behind before I start to give her slow, light smacks, massage, and continue this adoring of her bottom with my hands for a couple of minutes. We like the small, thin Lexan paddle to keep the spanks gentle over the long, slow spanking that both of us enjoy.

    I swat her just a bit harder over time, again so she doesn't feel painful discomfort as the stimulation gets more intense, and I continue periodic massage. Oh, my! I think she's leaking! I slip my fingers between her legs to find the source of those juices are running down her thighs Sometimes I need to wrap my arm around her waist to hold her up, and sometimes I hold my woman's ponytail. Well, here's a former fantasy that turned into reality - being spanked and caned and then buggered.

    Ever since I have always fantasized about her spanking me. My favorite spanking fantasy I am bent over the back of the coach. He has already disrobed me, so I am bare other than jewelery-- rings, ear rings. I am told to remain still He asks if I know why I am being disciplined. I respond that I am disciplined at his pleasure. He then praises my response by saying, very well put Suddenly his hand leaves and crashess into openpalm into my left cheek.

    My body jumps He asks shall I tie you or can you remain still. My fantasy is to be put over a woman's knee and be spanked with my diaper on like a little child until I broke down and cried like a little baby. MY spanking Fantasy. I want my husband to come home and tell me tonight you are gona get it. He demands me to the room and makes me wait. He enters the room and tells me to bend over the bed now.

    He spanks me with his hand over my cloths for a good warm up about 50 whacks. And gives me 50 more hard whacks with his hand. Telling me not to move and if I do I will recieve another Which I do. So he straps me down and I recieve another Then he takes off his belt and I recieve licks. Then comes out the paddle and I recieve another swats.

    He tells me since I screamed and cried he will be back in 10 mintues and this will be repeated all night for being disobedient. My mostly used spanking fantasy is, mom is giving me an enema, and discovers I have just been masturbating. Since masturbating was a big no-no as I grew up, she spanks me with a strap or switch, while holding the enema.

    So, when I sit down to expel the enema, my butt can really feel it has been whipped. This never actually happened, but would have, if I had actually been caught that way. Today, I almost wished it had, just so I could remember it that way. However, bare but whippings by my mom, were always used, and as often as I needed it. Read here more information what is bonus group membership. Post number 1. Post number 2. Post number 3.

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    Post number 4. But I can't get myself to do it At least not yet Post number 5. The man was varying the blows, now. He would spank just the right buttock for a period, then switch to the left.

    Angela's Fantasy-The Spanking xLx

    Her mind whirled and she felt confused. Her buttocks burned but her sex was wet with desire. She found the awkwardness of her exposed position intriguing. The roar of the crowd was terrifying yet alluring. She could hear the men shouting when she groaned and wiggled her ass after each particularly hard spank and it filled her with pleasure and hot desire. She felt incredibly vulnerable and exposed. But the pain was a frustration to her. It thrilled her and made her feel alive. She had never felt so many sensations in her entire life—every pore of her flesh was alive with feeling.

    The spanks were painful but her bottom felt so good and warm after each blow that she longed for the next one just to feel the relief afterwards. Her breasts felt heavy as they dangled just above her chin and the nipples felt hard and she suddenly realized with horrible shame she was squeezing and kneading her breasts. The crowd was cheering and laughing and she hastily took her hands away, blushing vividly. To her further embarassment one breast fell out of its container and lay exposed and the girl was beside herself with confusion.

    Should she push it back into her dress or would it be worse to touch herself again? Suddenly the tall man knelt on the ground and threw her across his knee. He took the paddle from the short man and began to paddle the woman. The new position was a surprise for the girl and rather awkward. Her hands desperately tried to shield her buttocks from the blows but the man angerily forced her hands into position behind her back. Now the girl was turned to face the crowd, who leered and taunted her. The woman only cried and struggled as hard as she could to keep her hands in place. The spanking was much harder now, the tall man fresher and eager to inflict pain.