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The Last Pendragon (The Last Pendragon Saga) (Volume 1)
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Thomas Malory

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Kindle Editions

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With Duke taking off in a hurry, Stitcher Jim has taken over the Black Market and has refreshed the stock with a range of new items. I dont intend to read the rest of the series because of the supernatural element. Third book in Medieval Romantic Redemptions A hidden child grows to be a formidable yet compassionate leader. He set out a quest, loyal companions with a variety of skills, gather to him to fight and devise strategies. Jan 29, Bluejay44 rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. I have enjoyed reading all your books but the Pendragon series are my favourites.

They combine places that I visited and loved during my years in Wales and the period that I read much about during my years of studying Welsh. Was fortunate to have several tutors that really loved their national history and its characters and took us to visit key places while reading each book. Jun 13, Cindy rated it really liked it. A story about Arthur's grandson and the challenges that he faces in northern Wales. Very interesting - wasn't sure how this first book would end and I like that! It was hard to put down too Dec 16, Meg rated it it was amazing.

Surprisingly I enjoyed this even more than Woodbury's time travel. Great read, and I really got caught up in the story. Apr 29, Flo rated it liked it. I enjoyed this book although the magical side of it was rather cliche the story line was good up untill the end, the I felt it was rushed. Decent Good for a quick read. Names of people and places are a bit challenging so slightly distracting but otherwise an easy and engaging story.

Jenny rated it liked it Jun 19, Jbgreendawn rated it really liked it Jun 26, Emily rated it it was amazing May 07, Shannon rated it it was amazing Jul 31, Jamie rated it really liked it Aug 16, Becky Graver rated it really liked it Apr 18, Jax rated it liked it Nov 25, Lorraine Caruana rated it really liked it Oct 24, Susana rated it really liked it May 24, Patti rated it it was amazing Oct 20, Laura Crowell rated it it was amazing Jun 20, Judy rated it liked it Dec 25, Mary rated it really liked it Apr 14, Steph rated it it was ok Aug 22, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. About Sarah Woodbury. Sarah Woodbury. With over a million books sold to date, Sarah Woodbury is the author of more than forty novels, all set in medieval Wales. Although an anthropologist by training, and then a full-time homeschooling mom for twenty years, she began writing fiction when the stories in her head overflowed and demanded that she let them out.

The Last Pendragon The Last Pendragon Saga Book 1 Ebooks

While her ancestry is Welsh, she only visited Wales for the first time at With over a million books sold to date, Sarah Woodbury is the author of more than forty novels, all set in medieval Wales. While her ancestry is Welsh, she only visited Wales for the first time at university. She has been in love with the country, language, and people ever since.

She even convinced her husband to give all four of their children Welsh names.

ISBN 13: 9781530055395

She makes her home in Oregon. Other books in the series. The Last Pendragon Saga 8 books. Taliesin is the remarkable adventure of Charis, the Atlantean princess who escaped the terrible devastation of her homeland, and of the fabled seer and druid prince Taliesin, singer at the dawn of the age. It is the story of an incomparable love that joined two worlds amid the fires of chaos, and spawned the miracles of Merlin Pendragon Cycle Book List: This series should be read in the correct order listed here.