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According to the Encyclopedia of Things that Never Were , the revenant rises from the dead particularly in France during the Middle Ages usually to avenge some crime committed against the entity, most likely a murder. The revenant usually took on the form of an emaciated corpse or skeletal human figure, and wandered around graveyards at night. Nachzehrer German; "afterwards nach devourer zehrer " is an undead entity of German origin.

The Nachzehrer usually feeds on dead bodies, like a ghoul, but also will feed on the life-force of living beings, like a wraith. It is also said that by devouring themselves including their funeral shrouds they drain the life-forces of their families. They exhibit the powers of shape-shifting forming into pigs to drain the life-force of unaware beings and the ability to kill by having their shadow fall on a victim and by ascending bell-towers to ring the bells, anyone hearing these bells dying.

The best method of destroying a Nachzehrer is to place a coin in its mouth, then beheading it or hammering a steak through its heart. They can be identified in their graves by a corpse holding its thumb in its opposite hand with its left eye open.

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In Romanian Mythology, the Strigoi are souls of the persons who died and never married before, so to avoid the corpse of rising again it's necessary to marry the corpse with a living person of the same age that also never married before. If a cat walks closer to a corpse, it's certain that the corpse will become an Strigoi.

To prevent this from happening, the Romanians bury a bottle of wine close to the grave where the corpse is buried. After 6 weeks, they return to drink the bottle.

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It's believed that someone who drinks that bottle will be free from the Strigoi attacks. The Strigois have red hair and blue eyes. They also have the ability to transform themselves into animals, such as the owls. Additionally it's believed that some Strigois are actually human beings with magical power. Romanians usually pierce a needle through the corpse body, put a candle, a little money or a towel in the corpse's hand with the purpose in order to prevent the corpse from rising again.

Garlic arranged in the shape of a circle is also capable of warding off Strigois. A form of Scandinavian revenant, these undead beings are typically depicted as animate corpses that have come back from the dead to spread disease and attack the living.

Recipes - Absinthia

These creatures are typically the result of suicides, but can also be created from the murdered or from murderers. Their intentions vary in folklore depending on the era, ranging from creatures who require the assistance of the living to be at rest in their graves, to deadly disease-spreaders that can kill with an illness-inducing pinch. They are featured in Viking myth, and can be dispatched or warded off by carrying the coffin around a church three times, using or wearing crucifixes to ward off the creatures or carving inscriptons in the grave of the dead facing the body. Another Scandanavian undead creature from Norse Mythology, Draugr are dead Vikings that have come back to life.

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These creatures attack and feed on the living and are capable of superhuman strength, increasing their physical size and carry the unmistakable stench of decay. They can crush victims using their increased size, eat them or suck their blood. They can also rise from their graves in a whisp of smoke.

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  7. Animals that feed or linger near the grave of a Draugr eventually go mad. It is said that the only kind of person capable of dispatching these creatures is a hero, one posessed of great courage and moral fiber. Forensic Science International, October. The benefits of cadavres to the soil are multiple and they support other creatures and the whole ecosystem.

    As much as 5,kg of cadaver can be introduced to a square kilometre a year where there are US bison! CDIs release energy and nutrients into the wider ecosystem and receive materials such as dead insects and faecal matter and feathers from scavengers. CDIs are a specialised habitat for a number of flies, beetles and pioneer vegetation, which increases biodiversity.

    Increased soil carbon, nutrients and pH is present in a CDI during advanced decay. Bison can affect the structure of plant communities for at least five years. Carter D. What if the body is shallow buried and not on the surface?

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    It seems that there is significant environmental value in the decay of cadavres on the surface. However, this is clearly not an option for human corpses. If these were buried in shallow graves would they still provide such benefits?

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    Lionel supposedly didn't like the idea of people looking down on him in his coffin, and the macabre arrangement also let his family snap a final, admittedly slightly awkward, picture with him while he was still looking his best. In another snap from the funeral home's spine-tingling back catalogue, socialite Mickey Easterling can be seen enjoying one last party, with a pink boa draped around her neck and a glass of champagne in her hand. Other requests have included positioning a dead petrolhead in the seat of his beloved motorbike, hunched over the handlebars and perfectly balanced as if he's on the road again.

    Meanwhile, one poker enthusiast was propped up at a table with a mountain of chips in front of him and a handful of cards, so his loved ones could play a memorial game around him at the wake. There are obviously some major logistical difficulties with dressing up corpses and forcing them into these party poses.

    For one, a special type of embalming fluid is needed to keep the body stiffer than usual and prevent any awkward slumps in the middle of the ceremony. It also takes an estimated four times longer to prepare a body for a death scene than it does for a regular funeral, with corpses often needing to be forced into position and then somehow fixed there.

    Embalmed bodies last longer before decomposing, but these posed displays are only designed to be put on show for a day or so - the same amount of time you'd keep someone in an open casket. Puerta Rican embalmer Felix Cruz arranged the poker-themed death scene where it looked like the deceased was playing one final game. Plenty of famous people have also been given a more understated variant of the death pose treatment, including deceased world leaders who are "laid in state" - preserved and displayed in open caskets so their adoring public can see them.