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  1. Stress Less (organic)
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Also make sure to get your omega-3 essential fatty acids from fish, flax or other sources. These particular fats are crucial to building healthy cells in your body. You must plan ahead to reduce as many travel stressors as possible.

Stress Less (organic)

This helps with the inevitable roadside stops that can result in unhealthy snacks. If you are driving, consider getting a bottle of good-quality peppermint essential oil. This can be very helpful to smell if you start to feel drowsy when driving.

Your body is always trying to heal itself. Our mission is to make life choices that will support this and give it what it needs nutrition, air, water, movement and take away things that are hurting it low quality foods, shallow breathing, sitting all day, dehydration. John Ayo is an Internationally recognized keynote speaker, wellness expert naturopath and author.

He was a successful sales rep that survived in the super-stressful technology sector with IBM for 19 years, then moved into sales training and meeting planning internationally for 12 years. He delivers his motivational content on staying healthy and sane in a crazy world especially when you travel via presentations and workshops for large groups and corporate events. He maintains a website at www. Presenter: Corbin Ball Toggle navigation. Photo: Yoga at sunset on the beach. Credit: Evgeny Atamanenko, Shutterstock. Here are two steps to consider: Schedule a self-care day monthly or a half day if you feel too guilty and turn off the phone and computer.

Pure essential oils are highly concentrated, and many are potentially toxic.

How to relieve stress with foods that reduce stress

For this reason, it is vital to dilute them in carrier oil before use. Manufacturers usually provide advice on how best to dilute the essential oil. Diluting the oil reduces the likelihood that it will irritate a person's skin, eyes, or lungs. A person should never apply undiluted essential oils to their skin or eyes. Before applying the diluted essential oil to the skin, it is generally best to test it on a small patch of skin. If a reaction occurs, clean the skin with soap and warm water and stop using the oil.

However, chronic anxiety can have a detrimental effect to both a person's mental and physical health.

Top 10 Essential Oils for Stress & Anxiety

If anxiety is causing significant distress or disruption to a person's daily routine, they may wish to consider seeing a doctor. Essential oils are scented liquids that manufacturers extract from a wide range of plants. Many people find that aromatherapy with certain essential oils can help promote relaxation and relieve stress and anxiety. However, most of the scientific evidence to support the anxiety-relieving properties of essential oils comes from animal studies. To confirm and better understand these findings, researchers need to conduct more large-scale studies in humans.

When using essential oils, it is vital to dilute them in an appropriate carrier oil first. Oils can sometimes cause skin irritation or allergic reactions, so a person should test them on a small patch of skin before applying them to larger areas. Food plays a vital role in nutrition and keeping the mind in its healthiest state.

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People respond in a variety of ways to different foods, but there…. A study of mice reveals that the scent of linalool, a natural alcohol found in lavender, relieves anxiety through its effect on olfactory nerve cells. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems in the United States, affecting millions of people every year.

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Conventional treatment options…. The breathing technique, or relaxation breath, is a method for reducing anxiety and promoting sleep.

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This article covers how to do it, its uses…. Anxiety is a normal emotion that causes increased alertness, fear, and physical signs, such as a rapid heart rate. What cause the normal reaction of…. Which essential oils can relieve anxiety? Medically reviewed by Debra Rose Wilson, Ph. Bergamot orange Chamomile Clary sage Lavender Lemon Neroli Rose Ylang-ylang Other essential oils How to use Oil blending Risks and considerations Seeing a doctor Summary If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission.

Why VCE stress relief is essential | this.

How this works. Bergamot orange. Other essential oils. How to use essential oils. Oil blending. Risks and considerations. When to see a doctor. For lavender, in particular, essential oils are extracted from the flowers of the lavender plant and put in little bottles or roller balls, like the one I purchased with a healthy dose of skepticism at my local Whole Foods. I reluctantly reached for the bottle of lavender at my bedside, took a deep whiff and laid back down. Was it just an expectation in my head, or did that one sniff fully relax my mind and body?

To infuse your bedroom with essential oils—lavender or the oil of your choice, check out Art Naturals Essential Oil Diffuser , a portable device that sprays a fine mist of pure essential oil into the air, kind of like an aromatherapy humidifer. I started carrying the lavender with me wherever I went to conquer spontaneous bouts of stress.

During long days at work, or after an intense meeting, nothing helped calm my nerves and relax my mind quite like this fragrant aroma. Lavender has been shown to also help with various skin irritations, headaches, and irregular blood sugar count.