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K2 disaster - Wikipedia

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago I am a high school senior, and I had to choose a non-fiction book to read for my English class. We were advised to look for a book pertaining to our ethnography, and mine was on mountaineering. This book was one of the first that came up. I chose it based off the summary and how interesting it sounded.

It sparked some lovely note of curiosity inside me, and I'm very glad I picked it up.

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This book tells the story of what happened on August 1, the day 11 mountaineers died trying to climb the world's most dangerous mountain. The author, Journalist Graham Bowley, gives a vivid description of what went wrong on K2, from multiple points of view. He did a great job patching together so many different accounts of the same story.

Bowley did his research well, and in the book, also talks about the history of the mountain- such as where it got its name, and accounts of previous climbing attempts. Despite not having much- if any- mountaineering experience, he knew what he was talking about and was familiar with the vernacular.

It was evident throughout that he truly cared about getting the story out there, as close to what really happened as possible. Bowley made the people come to life, telling the story with little details, doing his best to only use exact quotes from each person this, among other things, is explained in his introduction. He was an exceptional choice as an author of this story, in part because he is a journalist and also because he wasn't up there himself, so did not develop a skewed point of view of the series of events.

Anyone who has ever wondered why some mountaineers are crazy enough to risk their lives for something that seems so hopeless should have this book on their shelf. I, for one, am pleased I decided to buy this book instead of borrow it from the library. MdExTx More than 1 year ago I read many books about mountaineering, but I wasn't familiar with this incident that took place on K-2 when so many people died after an avalanche took out the fixed lines that they had been depending on to help them get down from the summit.

The book tells us what happened and who the people were it happened too, and increases my awe that anyone would ever try to climb this extremely dangerous mountain. If you're an armchair mountaineer like me, you'll enjoy this book. JodiPA More than 1 year ago It is difficult to understand why people would put themselves through an experience such as this, especially for non-climbers.

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A young sorceress's entire life has been shaped to destroy the empire controlling her world. She could change history. But everything she thinks she knows is a lie. El arte tolteca de la vida y la. El maestro de HarperCollins Publishers. He offers a different perspective, though, in that he makes a concerted effort to tell the story from the Sherpas' point of view. In one of the most dramatic scenes in Wilkinson's book, the collapsing ice cliff rips out the guide ropes, leaving climbers stranded high up on the mountain.

Because K2 Is There—And Harder

One of the lead Sherpas climbs down without any protection through a steep, exposed section of ice. He returns safely to the high camp, where he's able to jump-start a rescue operation for the climbers stranded on the mountain. Heil says he appreciates that Wilkinson took the Sherpas' version of the story into account.

Jennifer Jordan's book tells the story of Dudley Francis Wolfe, a wealthy American who came from a well-established New England family. Wolfe was invited to join the second U. Heil explains that Fritz Wiessner, the expedition's leader, needed someone to help bankroll the expedition.

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So while Wolfe was an inexperienced climber, he did have a lot of financial resources at his disposal. In the end, Wolfe and Wiessner were the only two members of the team to get above 25, feet.