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On today's competitive market, the insertion of such surprises into comics, films etc. In this respect, the cartoon child could also be seen as a ludic device, "a certain toying with the surprise element" ibid. Does this do away with the seriousness of the work's subject? Not at all, I would hold, despite Neyestani's remark in one interview that there are certain elements in his work which he has dramatized Caron and in another, that it is a "kind of postmodernist play" and that he likes to try out the potentials and limits of the comics medium Shringarpure Thus, metalepsis underscores that a non-negligible part of the narrated action takes place in the artist's mind — on which the actual and authentic persecution has maybe had the greatest impact.

Ropa de tendencia para Mujer

In this context, the "toying with the metaleptic surprise element" may be read as the artist's coming to terms with the authentic persecution trauma. As Anne Whitehead writes: "Novelists have frequently found that the impact of trauma can only adequately be represented by mimicking its forms and symptoms, so that temporality and chronology collapse, and narratives are characterized by repetition and indirection" : 3, qtd. These include intertextuality, repetition and a dispersed or fragmented narrative voice" ibid.

Repetition and a fragmented narrative voice are found, for instance, at the end of the prefatory chapter, where the artist is shown in Ankara: forced to write down his 'travel' report inside a too narrow box, he ends up writing outside it and has the supervisor yell at him UMI 9, panels 1—2.

Details of an item from the British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts

These two panels are repeated, and episode is picked up and continued, about pages later UMI , panels 1—2. In general, Mana's narrative is interspersed with nightmares and fantasies. The sequence about Tang Lu, a Chinese immigration officer, is also dispersed throughout the narrative in four sequences, and it is not clear whether this sequence is dreamed up or 'authentic.

Mana's actual crossing the Chinese border is precarious rather than final; soon after, he and his wife are rearrested before they are finally allowed — for inscrutable reasons — to fly back to Malaysia. The breaking and transgressing of borders is, at best, temporary and no guarantee to eventually wake up from the nightmare of persecution. This is what the Evin prison supervisor meant when he said, in another metalepsis: "Ne t'emballe pas.

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Inutile de t'envoler et de briser le cadre de la page. You are not totally free yet. Don't bother to fly away and break the border of the page. I just said it: […] Provisional, not more! Paris: L'Association. Baetens , Jan Ed. Louvain: Leuven UP. Toronto: U of Toronto P.

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Boston: Houghton Mifflin. New York: Columbia UP. Devitt , Amy J. Dittmar , Jakob F. Konstanz: UVK-Verl. Paris: Seuil. Groensteen , Thierry : The System of Comics. Jackson: UP of Mississippi. Groensteen , Thierry : Comics and Narration.

Kindle file. Paris: Dupuis, 3 vols. Kafka , Franz : "Die Verwandlung", in: Ibid. London: Methuen. New York: DC Comics. Paris: L'An 2. Paris: Flammarion.

VI p. VIIV p. XIII p. XII p. Tome I,.

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XVIII p. Suivi de : Cantiques spirituels. IV p. VII p. LXX p. L p. Volume I. Volume II. XXXIX p.

Volume II : Documents. Jean-Baptiste de La Salle. Documents bio-bibliographiques Volume I : Inventaire analytique. Volume I, Parmi les siens. I et II. III et IV.

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XI p.