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Published: First published in in Proletarskaya Revolutsia No.

Sonus Paradisi Brasov - Black Church - Buchholz Organ - Germany, Poland, Romania - Organs

Sent from Zurich to Stockholm. Printed from the original. You may freely copy, distribute, display and perform this work, as well as make derivative and commercial works. Dear Comrade,. I thank you with all my heart for the trouble you are taking and for your help. I cannot, of course, make use of the services of people who are connected with the publisher of Die Glocke. Britain will on no account let me through, or any internationalists at all, neither Martov and his friends nor Natanson and his friends. The British sent Chernov back to France, although he had all his papers for transit!!

It is clear that the Russian proletarian revolution has no more malignant enemy than the British imperialists. It is clear that Milyukov and Co. The least confidence in this respect either in Milyukov or in Kerensky an empty chatterer, an agent of the Russian imperialist bourgeoisie in his objective role would be simply ruinous for the working-class movement and for our Party, and would border on betrayal of internationalism.

You can imagine what torture it is for all of us to be sitting here at such a time.

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Furthermore, the dispatch of a reliable person to Russia is still more necessary for reasons of principle. Judging from the telegram of the St. At all events, even if the report is untrue, the danger of such a deception is all the same undoubtedly vast.

Glockenturm : German » English | PONS

All the efforts of our Party must be concentrated on fighting it. Our Party would disgrace itself for ever, commit political suicide, if it tolerated such a deception. To judge from one report, Muranov returned from Kronstadt together with Skobelev. If Muranov went there on behalf of the Provisional Government of the Guchkovs and Milyukovs, I very much ask you to pass on through someone reliable , and to print , that I absolutely condemn this , that any rapprochement with those who are wobbling in the direction of social-patriotism and have taken up the profoundly mistaken, profoundly harmful social-pacifist, Kautskian, position of Chkheidze and Co.

If these letters have been lost, or did not reach Petrograd, please cable me, and I will send you copies. Our Party is obliged to carry on the most stubborn, the most highly principled, the most pressing and most merciless struggle against both currents. And I personally will not hesitate for a second to declare, and to declare in print, that I shall prefer even an immediate split with anyone in our Party, whoever it may be, to making concessions to the social-patriotism of Kerensky and Co.

I must at all costs demand the republication in Petrograd —if only under the title: From the History of the Last Years of Tsarism —of the Sotsial-Demokrat published here, of the pamphlet by Lenin and Zinoviev on the war and socialism, [6] of Kommunist and Sbornik Sotsial-Demokrata.

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But most of all, and first of all, the theses in No. According to the objectives the work has to concentrate on geography and history books. Statements have to be altered which present the other country in a negative way or include false assertions. The German party took offence at the fact that undesirable books are still easy to access in Hungarian libraries and at universities.

Exile literature is also available for study purposes which is already forbidden in Germany. On the other hand, Hungarian delegation also condemned certain German books and textbooks which speak lightly of the Hungarian nation. Nevertheless concrete instances were not mentioned, according to the agreement the mutual revision of books has to happen in the following months.

The work was continually interrupted and the exchange of books was being stalled. The points of view of the judgement remained unclarified. It also gave the German party much trouble that they could hardly find Hungarian-speaking specialists. Following a decision in , it came to the next sitting in where the topic was discussed again on a high level. During that time relations between the two countries changed a lot.

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It became tighter but at the same time tenser. Discussions also became sharper in the atmosphere of the war. It is symptomatic that a German ministerial report also evaluates the speech of the Hungarian Minister of Culture and Education, Balint Homan June 7, quite critically. In his address Homan represented the official Hungarian opinion in connection with Hungary's historical role and its situation of the day.

The German-Hungarian Revision of Textbooks

He identifies Hungary as a national state "Nationalstaat" but not "Nationalitatenstaat" where nationalities possess rights, they can use their language in education and in local administration but loyalty is also expected of them by the state. The objections of the German report which was sent to the Reichserziehungsministerium REM also appear in the debates of textbook-revision.

The writer of the report states that the foundation and development of the Hungarian state is much more the result of the work of German priests, knights, handicraftsmen and miners than of Hungarians. The Hungarians were not strong enough either against the Mongolians or the Turks. The Germans made the most sacrifice for driving out of the latter ones:. According to Steyer, a ministerial counselor, neither their historical achievement nor their number entitles the Hungarians to reign over several nationalities.

In his opinion Homan represents the situation as if the Hungarians treated the nationalities on a large scale though they could also assimilate them because they are just immigrants. In the end he refers to a sentence of the Minister in which he stresses that the state is inclined to share the directing of education only with the church.