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  1. A land without music? Parry, Holst and Elgar to you, Schmitz
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Nazi sailors on shore leave are a violent crowd.

A land without music? Parry, Holst and Elgar to you, Schmitz

One noticeable effect of the four-decade gap since the film is the improvement in special effects, even on a TV budget — the scenes on the water, especially during battle, look immeasurably more lifelike. The real, and perfectly natural, change is that the story has been expanded into a conventional modern TV production, with its international cast and its multiple intertwined plots to fill the many hours.

Episodes run 55 to 60 minutes, commercial-free. For three-plus episodes, those stories build in a reasonably interesting and plausible fashion, proficiently staged by Andreas Prochaska, director of the entire season. That character, with her wounds from the Spanish Civil War, is pretty familiar, as are the shrugging French cop Thierry Fremont and the courteous Gestapo agent Tom Wlaschiha.

But they inhabit a well-made and entertaining, if prosaic, period war story. More info OK. Wrong language? Change it here DW.

phoelitmafanney.cf - Your link to Germany

COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle.

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