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  2. Кабинет графа Алессандро Федерико - Picture of Palazzo Conte Federico, Palermo
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My version of bre. The Bloody King - watercolor on canson mixed media paper This is Malenky. She is a PC in our campaign who has been thru some shit in her lifetime.

Петров Павел Владимирович

She made some mistakes. Materials tombowusa Fudenosuke pen cansonpaper Lettering Paper. I drew star platinum!! Tags- starplatinum jojo jjba starplatinumjojo jojosbizarreadventure ora jojosbizarreadventurepart3 starplatinumpart3 myart mydrawing myoriginalart ohuhu ohuhumarkers ohuhumarker prismacolor prismacolorpencils cansonpaper cansonsketchbook cansonmixmedia cansonmixmediapaper. A lady in green. Outline before bedtime Still using Prang watercolor and Reeves watercolor and gouache paints.

Algo de tributo de mi clownart Espero les gusten :. Had a frustrating acrylic painting day, so I put those down and decided to do a quick little watercolor portrait sketch. Quick for me is like one hour, lol. Reference used found on Pinterest. Used a little bit of acrylic paint for the leaves and flowers in her hair.

Push Much of our progress in drawing and life rest squarely on our ability to push ourselves. We have to be ready to push back doubts, push through fears, push past limits, push with, without or in spite of Yes, when you do something you love or really enjoy action should come freely and naturally, and it does So try not to question your love for drawing, or your passion, or your ability, or think something is wrong because you have to push yourself so hard sometimes.

We all do it. Painted this beautiful gecko from geeks. Just the right ink to suit the weather.

A quickie a finished on the train. So college is kicking my butt, my hair is now purple, and my art has been placed on the back burner for a bit. Awhile back one of my posts was, Happiness is an inside job. Choose happiness! Watercolor used are both Prang and Reeves and Gouache paint. Again One little piggie thedailymarker30day By kathyrac. Stopped for a second because I was putting so much pressure on myself that it sucked the fun out of it all.

Originally this one was made with two girls positioned back to back but for the life of me I didn't like the whole set up so I almost threw it away Since I favor the purple haired girl I decided to save this one. Revisiting my Prang and reeves watercolors. The words written all over is mostly gibberish ngl -- -- -- sketch sketchbook cansonmixmedia canson coloredpencil crayola crayolacoloredpencils noodlers54thmassachusetts noodlers ink fountainpen twsbieco twsbi cartoon. Should I color this in with watercolors?

Кабинет графа Алессандро Федерико - Picture of Palazzo Conte Federico, Palermo

A good way to start my day!! Friends i along with you suffer for the things i have done and i have been hurt but i also have hurt others. THE flesh has a appetite for sin, and the devil has planted the seeds for his on harvest and you will reap what you sow. I can point my finger at no one but myself no matter what the devil trys to tell me or blame others no i am guilty as charged,you have to be honest and face up to yourself and get your power back. WHEN we go to jesus we are re-born not back to the sin nature but by the cleansing blood of jesus we now have access to the all knowing GOD of creation.

I am not trying to be mean but like paul i am chief. My hope is in the lord not myself i am nothing but dust if i do it my way i will fail every time.

Wild Running Nose

THIS world will one day pass away and all things will be made new again. Thank you Jesus.

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To Mac read the comments I posted a couple vids with powerful prayers plus the notes from the videos, however we did need to seek assistance from our pastor for release of a mocking spirit and a spirit of lust from my hubby. The point here is that sometimes we need someone who is stronger in their walk with God to take authority over the demonic. Especially if we are new christians. Hope that helps JL. I live in south africa, i feel like im the only guy who have this problem when i was 15 years i got very sick i couldnt go to school for 3 weeks. In hospital they said they will remove 1 of my testicle but luckly my mom went to a traditional healer and she was told my ancestors were angry with her that why im like this its because of her punishment.

I dont seek dead spirits or use traditional stuff like worshiping ancestor but my parents still do. I wont lie the is a tension if i talk about jesus christ or why it wrong to seek dead spirits in my house. Im loosin my family ,now im 23 years my testicles havent been healed properly now i have 1 and my life is a mess im surrounded by people who do opposite of what is right.

How can i break this family curse? I have just noticed that you do allow us to share on facebook. I will do that now. I believe that a christian can be tormented by demons. When I got saved I experienced serious demonic attacks in dreams. The enemy wants you to think deliverance is not relevant to us but those are lies from the pit of hell. Many thanks man of God.

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  • I find myself in the same predicament as the sixteen year old girl u helped break the generational curses. My life is fraught with downs than ups despite living a spiritual life. Been in and out of employment. Prosperity is elusive for all members of my family. Fasting, prayer i have done but to no avail. May the Good Lord continue giving u wisdom and knowledge. May his protection b with u always for the enemy hates this kind of enlightment u are broadcasting to his children. B4 i sign off may i thank God for joining me to a very prayerful wife whom i believe needs the breaking of generational curses also.

    Thank-you very much for this powerful information. I feel certain that there is a curse on me and my family. I want this curse to be lifted from my family and the generations to come. There has been sins in my family with my mother, father and prior generations. I feel that I was led here by the holy spirit and the precious mercy and grace by me savior. A recent comment by my 5 year old grandson that there is always hope with God; has led me to this site.

    I praise God for this site. Evil spirits instantly know Jesus, often have more than one Jesus put the demon out of the man. Luke 4: 14 — 41 healed the sick and demons came out of many — Healing and deliverance was interwoven, sick often needed deliverance, with laying on of hands Luke woman with spirit of infirmity, evil spirit who had bent her over.

    No one was ever sent out to evangelize in the New Test without being taught to cast out it is unscriptural. Matt 10 :1 the first things he does is give authority to deal with evil spirits verse 6, 7 preach and heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead and cast out demons. Acts Unclean spirits came out people were healed — 1st thing in his ministry was healing and casting out spirits — No evangelism without casting out and healing. More than one or very intense feelings in these areas can indicate demonization — entities without bodies. Entice — they tempt you to do evil — Enticement often comes in a verbal form in your mind — anything that has a voice is a demon enticing you.

    Read PDF Dawn Over Suez: The Rise of American Power in the Middle East,

    Harass — follow you, study you and how and when to get in — will follow you all day — when demon gains access, may have a different look in eyes and may not know what made the person behave in uncharacteristic manner. Torment Matt 18 — demons are tormenters — any unforgiveness in your heart will be legal entitlement to move it — arthritis is a physical form of torment — fear of going insane, or mental infirmity — spiritual torment: demonic accusation of committing unforgiveable sin — lying accusing spirit taking away your peace.

    Compel — compulsive anything compulsive smoking eating drinking etc — talking. Enslave — you commit a sin you and repent you receive forgiveness if you have drive after to commit again, this is a demon of enslavement. Deceive — all forms of spiritual deception is demonic — feeling spiritual pride of knowledge is a door to spiritual deception.

    Proverbs 28 : whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down without walls.

    Breaking Generational Curses and Pulling down Strongholds by Vito Rallo (2000, Paperback)

    The Mind — is the battlefield — Spirits of — doubt, unbelief, indecision, insanity, confusion — people in Occult have big problem with confusion. Tongue — demons of lying — compulsive the person might not even know — criticism and gossip exaggeration blasphemy- showing lack of reverence for God — unclean speech, negative talking, this is a form of cursing and is the lowest level of black magic.

    Sex — not evil good created us to be sexual beings — unwillingness to discuss sex openly encourages problems with being sexual — any type of compulsion sexually is demonic, — a Compulsion towards masturbation adultery homo, perversions of sex.